From My Soul 

Issued in 1993

Edition: 1,000 and 25 artist’s proofs
Rare Print

Issued at $20.

Open Edition

Pat Buckley Moss print of a prayer:

As I approach you shadows fall away
A stimulus of joy floods my body
And I inherit your spontaneity
Laughter springs from my soul
Time takes wings and hours pass as moments
All places are heaven all people angels of love

You give me life’s secret
With you, I run its course
Not counting time against impending age
But knowing that tomorrow has the pleasures of today
And that in each other we have found our meaning

From My Soul

From My Soul

Pat Buckley Moss – From My Soul

Hand-Signed Limited Edition Offset Lithograph

  • Image: 13 1/2 x 4     Paper: 17 x 5 5/8
  • Mint Condition


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